Washoe County School District and the Office of Accountability believe that data plays a key role in supporting Every Child, by Name and Face, to Graduation. Each year, we host a Data Summit where the Board of Trustees, district & school leadership, teacher representatives, parents, and community members come together for a full-day of facilitated conversations around district performance data and initiatives.

This website is dedicated to support each Data Summit. It allows us to share data and other information covered at the event with everyone who is unable to attend in person. It also serves as a space for attendees to re-examine the data and provide additional input. We encourage you to visit each data summit through the navigation options above and dive into the topics and data covered.

If you have any questions about the information covered or a comment or suggestion we would love to hear from you. We strive for continuous improvement and your feedback is invaluable to that effort. Just click here or the link in the navigation to contact us.

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Office of Accountability

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